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I am trying to create day trails all over the state and encourage people to get out and explore in their kayaks. There is still a lot to do on the site and I need more coordinates and trip logs to put on the site. Please contribute your knowledge and help other Louisiana kayakers. There is nothing official about this site, I believe that the more information about kayaking in the state and the less "officalness" the better. - Andrew



Non Definitive Todo List

  • better icons for maps
  • more trails
  • triplogs
  • photos
  • Tutorials on GPS tools
  • photo viewer and photo manager
  • gear page - what people use to explore the state
  • Legal page - where you can go, what you have to have in your boat, where you can camp.
  • Blog to keep everyone up to date on the site and updates/events
  • Logo for site and gear
  • Kayak friendly camping